Thursday, December 4, 2008

Battleing a Cold to Battle in the Cold.

Achoo. Sniffle. Sneeze. Achoo. Ugh...

Oy Vey! I've got a cold. A nose running, power-sneezing, worn-down feeling cold. I've gone through a whole box of tissues today, probably a whole tree's worth of Kleenex. Either way, I'm self-medicating with lots of sleep, hot chocolate, and that most Jewish of medicines - Chicken Soup. Luckily, there's all of one kosher restaurant here in DC, and it is right near my office, so The Complete Jewish Cyclist can stroll over during lunch for a bowl.

Final 'cross race of the season is this Sunday, the Capitol Cross Classic in Reston, VA. Looks like it's gonna be real cold, and maybe some snow on the ground, but after an intense season focused solely on riding and racing cyclocross, it all comes down to this. Afterwards, I hang up the bikes for a month (maybe) and focus on other things, starting with a season review and our first installment the bikes of the New Jewish Peleton, starting with of Niel Fiet's sweet new Specialized Roubaix Comp.

In the meantime, it's off to bed I go to flush out this nasty little cold so that I can bring the pain (to somebody else's legs) this Sunday.


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