Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just a little more Tacchino...

...The real Tacchino, that is.

And with that, Happy Thanksgiving ("Yom HaMo'edim" to all of you Hebrewphiles).

As for The Complete Jewish Cyclist, he took a back seat to his wife, whom today became The Complete Jewish Runner, busting out a very respectable 10k early in the morning. I was thinking about doing the run myself, but didn't want to risk some nasty running injury like a shin splint with just one week to go until the Capitol 'Cross race in Reston. Besides, can you picture a cyclocrosser like me doing a family fun 10K? It would be all fun and games until the gun goes off and I start elbowing and shoving people to get a good line into the first corner.

Also, cheering fans are way more fun at 'cross races than at running races. Fans at a running race call out a delightful "you can do it - go go go!". Compare that to the abuse a 'cross fan can dish out; "C'mon, get on that wheel - take him man, make your move - HUP HUP HUP!".

Yes, if I'm running, there better be a bike on my shoulder and a muddy ground with barriers underneath.

Then I prepared the stomach with a strong afternoon training ride, busting out a fast thirty miler with a good deal of climbing and fast, big chainring riding. Had a great moment when I passed a kid on a BMX bike. About a few moments later he sprinted past me, fell behind, and did it again. He turned out to be the Maryland State BMX champion - an fast rider and a nice guy. I told him I'd better see him in the next Olympics. When you read about how much power those guys can generate on a BMX bike, don't underestimate that - those guys can crank. Want proof? Consider the exploits of two former BMXers; Robbie McGewan and Sven Nys.

So we finished off the day feasting on all sorts of hearty and heavy, yet kosher fare. We had the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, plus the traditional Jewish brisket. Nothing dairy, but we did have some awesome parve desserts and finished it off with some good single malt scotch and some strong coffee.

'Nuff said. I'm a bit fat now. I'll burn if all off next week when I throw down some training rides in advance of the Capitol 'Cross.

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