Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dude, Seriously, Update Your Blog (Part 2)!


Life can get very busy, even for The Complete Jewish Cyclist. I'll admit to right now to not being the most prolific and productive blogger out there. OK, so here are my excuses:

1. I'm knee-deep in the cyclocross season. Granted, this is only a six-race season for me, but a lot of training has gone into this season, and it continues this Sunday with the Tacchino Ciclocross. I finished something like 42nd here last year, but this season has been going well, with consistent top-thirty finishes and a dip into the top-20 with a 19th place at DCCX. I just need to keep the focus and concentration going, and still remember to have a good time because cyclocross is pure madness - the most painful fun you can have on a bike. After that race comes the season-finale; The Capitol Cross in Reston, VA.

2. The temperature is dropping here in the Mid-Atlantic region, but the Bike Rack DC Sunday morning shop ride still goes on. When I'm not racing 'cross, I'm on this awesome ride, even into the cold weather.

3. With the cold weather and short days, I'm only getting in one, maybe two commutes to work a week. I love cycling and this has been an awesome season for me, but I'm just looking forward to finishing it on a high note and finishing it. I've hit most of my goals for the year, so now I'm concentrating on placing as high as possible in these last two races for the year.

4. And of course; family, friends, and work. No to demean any of those - I'm very thankful for all of them B"H. Still, they command a lot of time, which means that velo time is limited, and that time is best spent pushing pedals and not computer keyboards.

That's all for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and all of the other posts, and for those closer to me, thanks for being patient and understanding of my cycling lifestyle. Don't worry - in just a few weeks time, I can go out on a Saturday night instead of staying home to shave my legs and prep the bikes and gear for a Sunday-morning hammerfest on the roads and in the fields (the latter usually requires a 5:00AM wake up call).

Enough with the words. Blog posts without pictures suck. Here's the rear derailleur on my road bike:

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