Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trish Cohen is going to the Maccabi Games.

I am please to announce that my fellow Jewish Velo Blogger and fellow Jewish Bike Racer, Trish Cohen, is going to be representing the United States of America at the 2009 Maccabbee Games in Israel. Trish is the person behind the popular OyVelo website and blog, and has done a commendable job of popularizing Israeli cycling and the Israeli bike manufacturer, Segal, here in America.

Trish is also a powerful racer. She's a Cat. 1, which is very impressive since she began racing in 2006 as a Cat. 4. She's a common sight on the podiums in Florida and also races in the Professional National Race Calendar. She will be part of the 900+ delegation representing the USA, and a female cyclist can get lost in a crowd like that, especially amongst competators in more popular events like track or swimming (which, BTW, are more popular, but no where near as exciting). Think of her as the Katie Compton of Women's Jewish Road Racing, and let's give her support, both of the "allez allez" kind and also of the financial kind.

She needs to race $3,300 for the team, and you can help her out here:

And you can also check out the Oy Velo website by clicking on the link to the right under the "Must-Visit Cycling Websites" section and also by clicking on the link to her blog.

Good luck to Trish, and to all of the cyclists at the Maccabi Games, but for The Complete Jewish Cyclist, he's pulling for Cohen.

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