Monday, December 8, 2008

Capitol 'Cross Classic - Quick Report


I finished off my 2008 cycling season yesterday morning at the Capitol 'Cross Classic in Reston, VA. It was a brutally tough day to ride a bike, much less race a bike. The temperatures sat at or below 30 degrees for most of the day and the winds blasted from between 20 to 40 mph. Still, this is cyclocross, and the tougher, the better (and kudos for anybody brave enough to come out an watch this race. Standing around in the icy cold and frigid winds was as challenging as was racing in it.)

I'm working on a longer posting with a full race report and lots of photos, but in the meantime, here's the gist of it all: I came to this race three years ago as a spectator to witness my first ever cyclocross race live. I came to race it last year and finished 44th. This year I returned better trained and more experienced in the ways of cyclocross and finished 26th. Either way, no matter how brutal the weather or competition, it was as fun as ever, and a great way to cap off an incredible cycling year.

Here's a teaser photo, and in a few days, I'll have the whole write up and photos posted.

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bluedog18 said...

Yea I wonder what place I would had come in if I actaully left on time to get there. LOL! I got my a$$ handed to me by Jeff B.