Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bikes of the Jewish Peleton - Neil's Specialized Roubaix Comp

While the term "Jewish Cycling" is still up for definition, no matter what it involves or how it evolves, one thing's for sure; bikes will be a part of it. So for the time being, I'll leave others to work with Jewish Cycling's more esoteric aspects (such as Hazon, which includes using cycling in bulding "sustainable Jewish communities" and Bike n' Brunch, which focuses on social rides for singles), and we'll focus on what we love best; bikes and riding.

With that in mind, welcome to the first installment of "Bikes of the Jewish Peleton", where we profile some of the bikes being ridden by all types of Jewish cyclists. Our first bike is Neil Feit's sweet new Specialized Roubaix Comp, an everyman's version of Tom Boonen's Paris-Roubaix winning Roubaix SL2. Based on Specialized's revolutionary "plush" model, a design which revolutionized the cyling industry by adapting high-performance road bikes for endurance riders and racers, the Roubaix Comp shares the same basic geometry as the top-end Roubaix models while using Specialized's mid-level FACT 7r carbon with monocoque fork and Zertz elastomer inserts in the fork and chainstays. Combined with a taller headtube for a more upright position and a longer wheelbase to relax the bike, the Roubaix provide a silky smooth and very comfortable ride.

Neil began riding only a few years ago, and with a growing list of long-distance rides behind him, he has graduated from a older retooled Schwinn ten-speed to a newer hybrid to this new Roubaix. The bike itself was purchased from Toga Bikes, a shop which I used when living in NYC and highly recommend, and was custom fitted by Will, which I also highly recommend (I forgot his last name, but he did the fitting on my cyclocross bike and I haven't changed it in three years now). With this Roubaix, Neil rolls on a full Shimano kit - including a 105 gruppo and RS-10 wheelset - and sits on Specialized's highly-praised Toupe saddle while resting his hands on thier cushy Body Geometry Bar Phat tape. I had the same tape on my Specialized Langster, and I reccomend it to every roadie and 'crosser out there.

'Nuff said. Thanks to Neil for submitting his bike, and we hope (and know) he's gonna put plenty of miles on this sweet rig.

Got a bike you want everybody to see. Paste a picture of it into an e-mail (sorry, no attachments or downloads please) and send it to, and get the velo "nachas" you deserve.

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