Sunday, August 31, 2008

Overheard on Today's Shop Ride...

"When we get to the hill, the skinny Dutch guy will tear the lungs out of your chest"
- Chuck

"Watch out for the twitchy Jew and the spastic Sicilian"
- Andrew

"It's Sunday morning, everybody's in church, so this is when the Jew boy goes riding"
- Me

"Ah, studying the 'Velorah'"
- Andrew (and thus, the sketchy Sicilian gives Jewish cycling its first official term)

1 comment:

ajm said...

Ah yes. Sunday. Too bad the dork in the slipstream kit couldn't stay on top on his gears and crumpled before giving up the ghost of the orthocross cyclojew.

-the spastic sicilian (correction)

note: bike throw for the win. (first comment on this post). sprint points for the first and second new terms for the blog.