Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Banner Header

Did it in like 1/2 hour, and you know what?

It looks like a rank bumper sticker.

Don't worry, though, it's just experimental, something to break out of the blogger-template mold. Maybe I'll come up with something more cutting-edge cycling hip cool, or maybe something kitchy Judaica, or maybe even something an artisan like Dario Pegoretti would dream up. Who knows, certainly not I; it's almost midnight, I'm ripping tired (rode intervals this morning), and I need some serious sleep.

So stay tuned for an eventual new banner, something not as vertically high, not as rushed. But for now, the Complete Jewish Cyclist is the Very Tired Jewish Cyclist, and after a 100+ mile week, it's time to get some sleep.

Layla Tov.

O.K., so I'd rather spend a Motzai Shabbat downing a good Belgian beer and watching a bad movie. But as a graphic designer, The Complete Jewish Cyclist banner's height was gnawing at me all day. The banner's height is now reduced, typography is tightened-up a bit, and it's a little more developed. There's still a bit to do on it, but I sacrificed some design time to go onto and register for my first cyclocross race of the season (and for an added bit of Shabbat joy, my USA Cycling racing license came in the mail today!).