Tuesday, August 19, 2008

License to Thrill

Well, I may not have shmita to disseminate rabbinical discourse, and I do not have certification from the OU to designate kashrut, but there is now one thing I sure as heck to have:

My racing license!

It's my first USA Cycling/USCF license in almost 15 years, so I'm back to the beginning: cat. 5 on the road and cat. 4 in 'cross. I raced unlicensed last season, so this year I don't have to deal with one-day license registrations and fees (though I did have to pay for the license, which is standard). The best part, in not having to do the day-of-race license, which includes a usual lengthy wait on line in addition to filling out a form and digging around for cash, is that I can pre-register at bikereg.com, then show up to the race venue and start warming up once I get my race number (sometimes you can pick your race number up the day before the race, but that means Saturday - a no go for The Complete Jewish Cyclist).

BTW, I'll be racing again with the 'cross team from The Bike Rack out of Washington DC. Check out the team and the shop at www.bikerackdc.com.

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ajm said...

tough day out of the office, eh? i hope you logged some miles, slacker