Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ooops (Correction)

Thanks to Josh for pointing this out in regards to my previous post.

"Shmita" is not the Hebrew word for Rabbinic certification. That word would be "Smicha".

Shmita is the Jewish agricultural law, based in the Torah, where the land is allowed to be laid fallow (unused/unworked) after seven years of sowing, reaping, and harvesting. It allows the land to replenish amongst other things. This diminishing lack of Jewish knowledge is what I get for spending too much time on a bike and not enough time in a Beit Midrash learning.

By the way, since those fields are lying fallow, maybe we should hold some cyclocross races in 'em, the permissability of that of course being best left up to those with Rabbinic certification, though in this case I would defer to the Belgian Rabbis.

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