Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dude, Seriously, Update Your Blog!

Sorry Everybody. The Complete Jewish Cyclist has been lying stagnant for a little longer than I would like it too. Busy right now with riding, parenting, riding, work, riding, sleeping,riding...you get the picture.

Cyclocross season is just around the corner, though. I will be racing at the Charm City Cyclocross and the Ed Sander Memorial 'Cross for my first two races, so I'll update the blog with those as well as something I'm cooking up, which is a training program for the upcoming Chagim, or better known as "How to deal with the High Holy Days as if they were bike races".

You need pictures, though. Don't have any new ones, so here's an old one. It's the 'Dale after a particularly muddy ride last February. Hopefully this 'cross season will be a muddier, messier one that last year, which turned out to be one big grass and dust fest. For all of the Jews out there who will be praying for a good rainy season this Sukkot, please keep this in mind (after thinking about the agricultural cycle in Israel first, of course).

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