Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pix from the Charm City Cyclocross

Better late than never, and late right now is late at night - post Yom Kippur fasting and subsequent stuffing my face and belly. Still, despite the fact that the Chagi'im are putting a serious dent in my riding/training time, I still need to keep the Jewish cycling/cyclocross ferver up and going. With that, here are three non-action photos from the Charm City Cyclocross in Baltimore.

When I'm not pushing the big ring, I'm pushing a stroller. Life is beautiful when you can have the both of them together, and if my son develops the same inseam as me, he gets the Cannondale as well.

Since you'll be hearing a lot from me on this blog, I figured I'd show myself with the Team Bike Rack kit, which is available from the Bike Rack ( The kit is made by Sugoi, and is top-quality.

Shown left to right: Ryan Dudek (awesome cool guy, races now for Racing Union, and will kick your ass at both 'cross and bike polo), John Bavier (super-nice guy, one of the founders of Bike Rack's CX team, responsible for getting a lot of DCers into CX, and brews a mean wheat ale), and me (hopeless cycling addict).

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