Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dude, Seriously, Update Your Blog (Part 4)!


The "Complete" Jewish Cyclist has been "The Incomplete Jewish Cyclist" as of late. Practically no blog entries and not too much riding.

As for the latter, my days are spent looking for a job (I got pink-slipped along with half of my company). Granted, I do steal time during the week here and there for a quick spin or a serious workout, but as of late, the wildly unpredictable and raw late-winter weather of the Mid-Atlantic region has made for spotty weekday riding and Sundays ridable for only the heartiest of flahutes and men with names like Jens Voight.

As for blogging, there's no excuse for that. I suck. But I do have lots to blog about, like my crash a few weeks ago (me and bike are OK), my new kosher cycling drink, and the upcoming Spring Classics like Ronde van Vlaanderen, Paris-Roubaix, and Pesach/Passover.

'nuff said. Go ride. In the meantime, blog entries without photos or links suck, so there's a picture of some of my gear above, and here's a link to an insane amount of insane bike porn from the North American Hand Made Bicycle Show.

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Shorty said...

thanks for visiting! I wasn't observant when i raced, but now i kind of wonder how all of that will work, now that I am...certain races are definitely out, and the 24 hour...unless of course i start after Havdalah :)

Keep blogging!